Thursday, May 21, 2009

Texas Sidecar Trip

Another nice week in Texas. Not to hot, not too cool, no rain or tornado's! Looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend. The weatherman is forecasting a chance of rain each day but we think we'll brave the elements and take a little sidecar trip around the area. I see some scenic canyon areas to the south of us so we'll take a lot of back roads and work our way down south.

We are presently at the town of Fritch Texas, which is next to Lake Meredith at the top left of map. We'll likely head south near Borger and work our way to Palo Duro Canyon. I've heard that this is a real beautiful area. We will hit the back ways to avoid driving through Amarillo. There is another area, Caprock Canyons, further east so we'll check that out too. Coming back north we'll go through Lefors & Pampa Texas. Both these towns were hit by a tornado last week. Not sure if we'll camp or motel it this trip. A lot of folks like to camp around here, and campsites are few and far between so maybe we'll just motel up for the one night.

Some one sent me this photo of a "Babe Cage" mounted on a Harley. I'm not too sure about this theory.(?) I guess it would might give a paranoid passenger have a false sense of security. Maybe they will come out with suits of "Babe Armor" next.

This is a new bike which recently hit the market. I think it was a 454 cubic inch twin. doesn't appear too out of the ordinary til you see the next photo.......................................................................

I don't think she is a little person either. I think this monster weighed in at over 1000 lbs. Not a canyon carver I bet. Man if a piston came lose you'd be a goner. Chain drive looks real safe too.

I'll post a few trip photos after our Texas road Trip. Later.....

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