Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wandering Northern New Mexico

We've been in Aztec NM. for the past 4 weeks. Unfortunately work has overwhelmed all of our time. I've worked over 90 hours a week for the past 3 weeks.
The pushrod tube seal leak on the bike is minimal as long as I keep the oil level down at least a half quart from full. I have the "Briel" oil cooler extension installed so the crankcase holds 3.5 - 4 quarts when at the "full" running the oil  level a bit low on the dipstick has no ill effects.
We took some time last Sunday and took a quick ride over to Durango CO. Rode the sidecar over and had breakfast at the "Durango Diner" a tiny old Diner in downtown Durango. The place was crowded but the food was great.
Downtown Durango

We took some back roads back to Aztec, taking us through Ignacio CO. Great back road and ran into some rain heading back. Since the temperature was over 80 degrees the rain wasn't bad.
This route took us by Navajo Dam. Lots of people boating and fishing.
 The lake level was down 60' or so from normal.

Lots of thunderstorms in the area. We only got caught by one of them. Actually felt good to get a little wet. Didn't bother to put on any rain gear.

We took a few hours today and rode over to Shiprock NM. Shiprock is a bleak, depressed looking reservation town.

The "Hogback" at Hogback NM.

Didn't get very close to the Rock. Not sure if there is an access nearby or not.

A BIG Rock.

Very pretty country up here in the "four corners" region. Looks like we'll be in the area for at least another week. About 10 miles from "home", a crew was just finishing up some asphalt "planing" on the road. The highway was covered in asphalt / water slurry and all the traffic had to drive through it. Of course, driving through that covered the bike / rig completely with cement-type gray slop.
Had to scrub the whole thing down by hand after getting home. Damned construction

Might be moving down to Grants NM. at some point.
Working over 90 hours per week is taking a toll on me. This has been a reoccuring scenario for the past 3 years..... Not sure if I am going to continue with this for much longer.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.