Sunday, October 11, 2015

Original Paint 1970 R75/5 Fenders

I typically check for EBay listings for "Airheads" every evening on the lookout for good buys and vintage parts.
These original paint 1970 R75/5 fenders appeared last night from a Texas seller for $45.00 each & "free" Shipping. Not really in the market for a set of fenders but I just couldn't help myself since the paint / pinstripes were OEM vintage....and the decent low price & Free Shipping tipped the scales for me.

If I ever want to return my 1970 /5 back to an original paint scheme I'll have some original paint parts....or I can fit them to my sidecar rig if wanted......Or if I want to mount the black Heinrich Tank permanently to the /5 bike I'll have original black fenders to match.
 Of course a photo examination never does an item true justice so I hope they are in fair condition. My previous experience with old BMW OEM painted fenders has been pretty good, so I hope these will clean up / shine up. I can see a number of scratches in the fenders, but hopefully a bit of touch up paint will disguise the flaws enough for use and retain the patina of the old paint.
A few years ago I sold a pair of the same fenders to a guy in Italy....he wanted them real bad and paid me over $300.00 for the "original paint / striped" pair.

Service time is coming up when we get to Arizona next month so I also bought a box of 5 filters the other day. Ended up paying about $80.00 for the 5 filters (including shipping) so was not too bad a deal. I see them offered for $17.00 - $19.00 each + shipping for the hinged filters I have to use. So $80.00 for the 5 was a decent deal.

Sadly I never had time to repair my Honda Goldwing headlight this Summer so the bike was not ridden all Summer....headlight functioned when we left AZ, but did not work when we got to MT. I've religiously started the bike up every couple of weeks and ran it up to operating temperatures so have kept fuel circulating.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.