Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scary Movie

I was a novice trials bike rider in my younger years.....went into some scary places....nothing like this!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Hearth

This relic spoke to me.......Its' story ;

My origins came from fire, ice and inland seas. I lay entombed for millennia until the ravages of wind and water brought me forth to see blue skies.
Creatures, now long extinct, tread upon me. I lay dormant for eons until this animal of man carved me from my earthly bindings.
My fragments were hauled great distances by wagon and beasts to this windswept, desolate place. These men laid their skilled hands upon me and transformed me into this present state. They proudly carved their sign upon me.

I witnessed the building of a rough-hewn structure around me. Fire once again raged within me, warming souls which gathered to escape the endless winter. Many great tales were told in my presence;
Tales of men who witnessed “The Great Wars” and the sacrifices of fallen comrades who lay still in foreign lands.
And the grieving for loved ones lost never to be seen again.
Dreams were sown for the future, sorrow was expressed for the past.
Ecstasy, happiness, grief, anger and the wonders of new life I have been witness to.
Until again fire surrounded me and left me to this solitary existence.
Again destined to return to the earth.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Spent today disassembling this R75/6....a lot of stuff going into the dumpster....exhaust pipes, mufflers, seat, fairing & mount and a lot of stuff. Bike had a set of Maserati airhorns, relays and compressor...looked beyond hope so it went into the round file too. Was hoping that the original tool set would be under the seat but to no avail....just a bunch of rusty junk living there.....I drained the transmission and final drive oil to check for water and metal debris. The oil looked pretty good and no water was present. No metal on the magnetic drain plugs either. Looks like I'll take it down to the frame and peddle off a few of the smaller pieces......The transmission appears to be a keeper and we'll join my stash of spares. The valve covers are nearly little dink that can hardly be seen from the outside...a little deformity on the inside......they'll take a lot to clean up but will go on the R100S/6....Just got "walking papers" for Texas so looks like "life" will be on hold for a while......

Saturday, February 6, 2010

BMW R75/6 "Barn Find"

A mere 60k miles on the clock...poor bike never lived even a partial is in pieces but is complete and PO says everything is there.......Harley handle bar risers?

Parts bucket.......weathered.........
The latest addition to the butchers block.......appears to have a lot of usable parts.........
Someone removed the spark plugs then let it sit out in the Oregon weather.....engine guts are rusted.....
Tank is undented.....saddle bag condition is rough........carbs look OK.........valve covers appear to be undamaged......I'll use them on the R100S engine.......

Has the alloy turn signals.......a monster period back rest.......apparently has some "other brand" handle bar risers......

All in all I'm paying more than it is worth but it will be delivered to my door and the salvage parts sales should cover the cost of the thing......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BMW Barn Find "Fishing"

Did a little BMW fishing and may have caught a dead one.....From the photos it looks like a 1974 model R75/6.......I see alloy turn signals on the dis embodied fairing so if they are original it should be a 1974 model. Also appears to have the older style control switches. Has some bazaar looking handlebar risers, but can't really tell from the photo....Sitting out in the snow with the engine apart isn't good. Looks like its' been laying there for quite some time. I wouldn't mind a spare small fuel tank and I could make it black. Hopefully the gear box is in usable condition. If it is a 1974 model it should have a kick start transmission. Might be some decent parts still aboard? Kind of wanted to experiment with using an 18" rear rim on the front of my /5.(?) I was told if the spline hub was removed the rear wheel could go up front. That would fit the /2 US fender better.

Appears to have an old Vetter fairing which aren't worth anything but it does have a pair of alloy signals on it. The owner is in Co. so we'll connect up in the near future. Don't have a price will have to be pretty cheap......
Poor old thing.......kind of a shame.........
Was hoping to find a pre 1974 model but if it's cheap I'll haul it home just to give it a decent burial.....

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.