Thursday, April 21, 2011

1953 Zundapp KS601 Sport

I've started a "Zundapp Blog" and here are a few photos of the KS601 with the proper fenders and parts in place. These rare bikes were designed as side car tugs and have the side car mounts in place from the factory.

Just back from her first bath in over 30 years. Still has around 10 years of grime left on it.
The center stand has a ratchet type device which does not require a high deployment. It is missing two springs so I'll find some that will work.

She has a lot of rust. I hope to get her in running condition as is....then I'll give her some paint here and there. No total restoration in the immediate future....unless I hit the lottery or something....but I don't buy lottery tickets....

There is just something about this old bike that grabs me...not sure why.

I have located a few missing parts and pulled the cylinder heads to see cylinder conditions. She's "stuck" at the present from sitting for the past + 30 years. The right side has a little rust. I cleaned it up as best I could. No cylinder pitting evident yet. The left side was clear. I completely reassembled the top end and filled both cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil. Now she'll soak for a while to free things up. I've resurrected far rustier engines with this technique.

Update 11-13-11 - I decided to list the bike on EBay with a reserve which would make a few bucks and cover sellers fees. Low and behold the bike met the reserve, which I doubted it would. So the Zundapp has gone to a new owner with deeper pockets and the place / time to restore the machine.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.