Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Texas blur

The last weeks have been a blur. Mom passed away. I've traveled 1000's of miles around the western US for work...been living out of a suitcase for the past month.... Luckily my wife has joined me for a week or so
and we will travel back to MT. late this week. We'll regroup and I'll bring our RV back to Texas , motorcycles in tow, and get back into my normal routine. When the weekends arrive I am stuck staring at the motel TV, the computer. Not a hell of a lot to do around here. Having the RV here with the bike projects will make me feel normal again....I traded in my old 14' cargo trailer on a new 20' wide body trailer. No more sidehack removal every time I move. We installed 2 rows of shelves and have the new trailer pretty well set up. Actually have some room to spare. Nice after using the 14' trailer completely crammed with "stuff" for the past number of years. We bought the trailer, set it up in two days and then stored it away.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BMW 1966 R60/1150RT

Someone finally did a different BMW "Conversion".

I'll bet you this one is a hand full.......pretty wild!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Texas 1973 1/2 BMW R75/5

I'm always on the lookout for old BMW's. Ran across this 1973 1/2 long Wheel Base R75/5 today. The asking price is more than what it is worth but I had to take a look. I was hoping that some rare accessories or something might come with it. It ended up just being an old driver which needs a little TLC. Mostly original.....looked like a /6 tank and side covers. The headlight and ring were rough. After market mufflers.

Beneath all the dirt I think it would clean up pretty good. Needs a tune up and a general going over. Push rod tube seals were leaking. It likely hasn't had much normal maintenance being in the country most its' life.......

The owner/seller dropped his price to $1600.00 right away but it looks like an $800.00 bike to me....It fired up after some coaxing and the engine sounded OK although needs a tune up / carb synch pretty bad. Not for me @ $1600.00 anyway, but a possible good runner for someone......

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shake Down Cruise

The weather hit the low 50 degree mark the past two days so it was time to fire up the r100S/6 and take some shake down runs. Ran about 10 miles around the neighborhood yesterday and another 50 miles further into town today. Stopped often to check things over. Added a bit of transmission and engine oil. Tightened a few bolts and basically felt things over. Had to rethink and rebuild a lower mount for the Friction Damper yesterday. My design was crap and things were tweeking within 10 miles. Had a nasty low speed wobble after hitting a bump this afternoon. Tightened the damper more....might need to look into a hydraulic damper also. Already have the mount for one on the forks....Have not yet repaired the front brakes so call me brave....or stupid.......

Pardon the "Cell Phone Camera" quality photos

Bike was a little cold blooded but once warmed up she ran well....a LOT of power and highway speeds were quick to attain...just so I didn't need to stop in a hurry......
I took care in riding and know the limits of riding with just a rear brake...but that didn't keep me from running up to 60+ MPH on the Airport Road. Like I said...brave or stupid....

My last few miles coming home were a struggle as the valves tightened up and were out of adjustment....expected with a new top end. Will need to retorque the heads and reset the valves next. Also have done some inquiries concerning the Tokico Disc Brakes and will attempt to find rebuild kits for the calipers and a rebuild kit for the dual master cylinder...if it is salvagable.....things will now sit for a while as I need to travel for work for a few weeks.
Purchased a new 20' widebody cargo trailer this week. Spent a couple days setting it up with shelves etc. I'll now be able to ride the sidehack rig into the trailer without pulling off the hack. The old narrower trailer went as a trade in....

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.