Sunday, May 24, 2009

Texas / Oklahoma Sidecar Trip - Old Route 66

On the road Saturday morning. Thunderstorms were forecast for the entire weekend. We headed out under some blue sky with a lot of clouds skudding about. We headed south down to Panhandle Texas to avoid driving through Amarillo. We crossed Interstate 40 which parallels the old route 66.

"Woody's Cafe" was likely a very prosperous little business back in its' hey day. Woody had a couple of gas pumps , cafe, and what appears to be a four room motor hotel. We saw a number of these old type motels on this trip and I am always amazed how small / narrow the little "garages" are. The 40's -50's cars weren't that much smaller, were they?

The center units had to share a parking garage.

Woody's joint kind of looks like a time capsule as there were old cars , trucks and buses out back. They looked like they've been there for many years.

Years of Gravity are taking a toll on Woody's garage.

My better half, co-pilot, navigator and lovely passenger soaking up some sun. The clouds would come and go all day,

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.