Sunday, April 15, 2018

WOW....where did the Winter go? it is April 15th. 2018, and going into Spring.
We've been delaying our migration to Montana due to inclement weather there.
I'm still getting used to the "Retirement" thing, which means we don't HAVE to be anywhere at any given time. Every year I was required to report to work in mid March so we had numerous harrowing foul weather trips back to Montana.
My motorcycling was minimal this Winter....first a 6 week or so fight with vertigo.....then a terrible 3 week sickness that was near to pneumonia.
Between health issues we were able to spend 15 days in Hawaii with our Daughter and friends. Had a great time and truly enjoyed our time there. Friends we stayed with have been there off and on for 15 years so "knew the ropes" to the out of the way places. Rain was nearly a daily occurrence on our side of the island....but a short drive across the island (Hilo) always brought sunshine.

A few days after our return we made a quick trip to Montana to see family....and a lot of snow / cold.

Never did have the chance to refresh my sidecar rig. We plan on moving out to my Brother in Laws place in mid to late May. There I will have access to a big shop with a concrete floor. Plan on refitting the sidecar when we get out there.
Planned on heading out tomorrow AM but the forecast is for 45 - 50 MPH winds tomorrow right on our travel path.....calm for the next day so we'll delay an extra day.

Took the old /5 BMW for a couple short rides this afternoon....beautiful 80+ degree day.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.