Saturday, May 30, 2009

North Texas Sights.....BMW Motorcycle Sidecar Trailer Towing

I planned on turning to the west, but for some reason I decided to go east...This added quite a few miles to the days ride. I guess that was my motive......We have been in Miami Florida, Miami Arizona, and now I'm headed to Miami Texas. Not much of a town but now I can say I've been there. I took this left and followed a windy little farm road which was mainly used by big oil hauling semi tankers. They were always hauling ass....I met one every few miles....Lots of oil pumping dereks around here....

One of the ever-so-frequent "Historical Markers".
Passed through the Canadian River Valley a couple different times today. This bridge was at least a mile long......the river itself was about 20 feet across. And I didn't stop on the bridge.

I've seen folks hook up trailers with side car rigs so I thought I'd give it a try. Damn thing was a bugger to get up to speed, but once I hit 55 mph, the momentum was awesome! Good thing I didn't need to make any panic stops.....I don't think I'll go with any sort of trailer scenario after trying this one out. I think someone makes some lighter ones with better suspensions.....
Damn thing was pretty noisey going down the road. Pulled pretty straight though......backing it up without reverse was a bitch. I just parked it here and left it.
Texas has lots of oil, and the locals aren't scared to use it either. Lots of Hummers, Suburbans and gas guzzlers on the roads. The enviromental "greenies" haven't had much impact in rural Texas.... Texans' do drive Friendly, but man they like to go fast. "Drive Friendly" I think the other half of the sign says; (and) "Get the Hell Out of My Way"

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