Friday, January 9, 2009

Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction

Ariel Square 4

GCS (Austrailian I believe)

Crocker Twin

NSU Sport Max Racer

1953 Zundapp KS601

Don't remember what this was, but was a small single. It was beautiful and $9500.00 would take it home.

This Vellocette sold for $29000.00 while we were there.

Excelsior Super X

Excelsior Super X Recent Barn Find. Complete and original. Sat in a coal shed under a tarp for eons. Was still owned buy the original owner when found.

1950's Motoguzzi & Sidehack. This is the only sidehack of this make in the US
Swiss made "Universal" Boxer Twin. 1950's
Steve McQueens 1949 Indian
1936 Brough Superior
1928 BMW


Unknown said...

Hi, Your unknow single cilinder is a AWO or SIMSON. Made in Germany about 1950. Greetings from Holland, Ben van Helden.

BMW HACKER said...

Thanks Ben, That bike is not a common sight on this side of the "pond". They are obviously a bit more common in your neck of the woods....

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.