Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taos, New Mexico Day 2, Long Day, Long Post.

Up nice and early Sat. A.M. Pulled the spark plugs and they were carbon fouled as I figured they would be. Cleaned them up and pulled the float bowels. Decided to install the 135 main jets. I'm running 160 main jets now so that is quite a jump down.....had my doubts.

On the road by 9:00AM and the bike was running fine. No power loss or "pinging" on the hills. Leaving Cimarron N.M. we headed west on Hiway 64. Wonderful canyons and views. Almost too much to take in. Great ride through miles and miles of canyon roads with little traffic.

This is Cimarron Canyon which had lots of different rock formations. The roads were all in great condition.

After leaving the canyon area we topped a small pass and this lake came into view. The road has been recently resurfaced and was as smooth as glass, just like the lake.

This town was called Eagle Nest, situated right on the lake. Here we had to decide on going directly towards Taos or making a northward loop and adding miles....easy decision , north and more miles....

Leaving Eagles Nest the road was a bit rough and then we climbed up a lot. Finally hit "bobcat Pass @ 9820 feet.
Over this pass we ran for a few miles and dropped down into "Red River" N. M. Looks like a ski town and tourist town. Lots of bikes running around.

Originally was a mining town , now turned tourist town.

We stopped for Breakfast here and took a little break. Prices were reasonable and the food good. We were the only ones in the place when we walked in.

A bike joint rents these little cruiser bikes. Looks like fun...until you have to go uphill....The main street is on quite a grade. They were moving pretty fast right down the middle of the street.

Just outside town we passed this huge mining operation. They were still in operation.

We made the big road loop and passed through Taos, N.M. Was surprised to see nothing much to note. The ski areas were some miles up a canyon and we never saw the turn. Most of the town is artist stores etc. We passed directly through and kept on going. Took a back road, Hiway 518 towards Las Vegas N.M.

518 ended up being a great route. Lots of scenic views, canyons and valleys.

No real large towns anywhere out here. A lot of real small run down towns with many run down abandoned buildings. We ran through Las Vegas N.M. long enough for me to get all turned around and lost. We came upon a cute little Pomeranian dog in a pink sweater that had just gotton run over by a car or something. Poor little pup. Darian got me aimed the right direction and we found the road towards Tucumcari N.M. which was our goal for the day.

Great ride towards the east.
Great looking G.S. road across the canyon.

Very steep grade going down.

I couldn't help myself, needed a front row view...Darian was yelling at me.

Dropping down we ended up on the typical flat area towards Tucumcari. The temperature reached 104 degrees for a while. Covered a lot of miles and a lot of country today...

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