Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Breezy Afternoon in Texas.............

The area of Texas we are in is prone to some pretty nasty storms. most residents have storm shelters in their back yards and a lot of homes are constructed of brick. Late today we had quire an ugly looking thunderstorm heading our way. I went out to photograph the on-coming storm.
There were some big lightning hits fairly close so I didn't wander far. I could see the clouds moving fast and all of a sudden a ferocious blast of wind hit. I heard a terrible metal to metal sound but couldn't figure out what it was. I looked over towards my neighbors R.V. and saw that his portable shelter, which he uses as a motorcycle garage was in pieces. I ran into our motor home as the wind and noise were not normal. I thought for a moment that a tornado was about to nail us.

The storm blew very hard for a half hour or so with heavy rain and limited visibility. No hail this time. Luckily we had other R.V.'s acting as a wind break next to us. After the storm passed a co-worker called and said to walk over a few feet and look at the storage building right next to her R.V

WOW, this explained the strange metallic noises I was hearing. The pile in the fore ground is a huge tangled section of the buildings roof. Another 100' and it would have been in the R.V. Park.

A lot of busted up vehicles in there. Looks like we dodged another bullet.

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.