Monday, June 22, 2009

Oklahoma City....Colorado Road Trip Planning

We had a quick road trip (in the car, darn it!) to Tulsa OK. last weekend. Darians' Mom was there visiting so a fast 900 mile run was in order. We were pleasantly surprised to find that eastern OK. was a heavily wooded area. I expected to see more of the wide open Texas Panhandle type country. Our visit was nice, although short. Heading back Sunday we felt in necessary to visit the OK. City need for a narrative here...............

Looks like I'll possibly be getting a few extra days off next week. I'm already pouring over the maps to figure out a road trip "loose" agenda. We never travel with any real itinerary, but rather just go.... This will be the 2nd. time in 30 years that I've had any time off in the summer months. I'd planned on another New Mexico run over the 4th of July but with the extra few days off we'll likely explore some areas of Colorado which we have never seen. I painted out a rough route in yellow with red as an alternate route. We'll be in a camping mode most nights as weather permits. We have a friend who summers in Delores Co. so maybe we'll see if he's around........Would like to see Mesa Verde again too. Having 6-8 days will allow us to really slow down and take in some sights. I have a bit of bike maintenance to do in advance so hope to get things ready to leave for next Saturday. I picked up a pair of new 150 & 140 main jets for the Bing Carbs so should be ready for any elevation sickness issues. Need to do an engine oil/filter change and might change the gear lube on the newly installed 37:11 final drive. The oil in it when I received it looked pretty bad...I've run it 700 miles so any crud should be flushed out. I had some weepage from the drain plug (needs a new crush washer, which I don't have) so I'll give it a bit of Teflon Tape to seal the threads. I'm overdue for a wheel bearing service on the bike....I have never performed that task myself. The bearings are running cool but they are due for service. I think I can easily get one more trip out of them. (famous last words) Service to be done: Change oil & filter, change final drive gear lube, adjust valves? (I usually do that on the road in the morning before riding as it takes only a few minutes to do), check / change air filter, Remove the crappy spot light I installed. ; the light was the cause of my charging system must have an internal short. As soon as I removed the spot light fuse my charging system went back to normal.

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Anonymous said...

Great to know where we are going next!!! haha your wife!

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.