Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lake Mead NV.

We moved to Lake Mead Nevada last weekend. We'll be working here for at least 5 weeks. It's nice to be in a warmer climate. Hope to get the sidecar put together this weekend. I need to re- torque the engine cylinder heads, and tinker with the carbs a bit. I found a 1968 R60/US Fender and brace to mount on the bike. The "US" Fender is steel and uses a more stable bracing system which will add support to the front forks. Haven't worked out the deal yet. The seller offered it to me for $75.00. I found another one on the internet but the seller wanted $450.00.

I have got the new sidecar interior installed, the recovered R90/6 seat installed, the "new" old mufflers installed, the new steering damper installed. I made a deal for a "Rev Pak" storage bag which fits over the seat or luggage rack. They are a bit pricey but I found a lightly used one for $80.00, with a rain cover included. For a bit of nostalgia I came up with a set of WW2 Navigators Wings & Pilot Cadet Wings which now live on the Heinrich Tank tool box cover. The So.Cal. Airheads have a Salton Sea campout coming up in late November. That's quite a few miles from here but we might try to get over for the event. It's around 600 miles round trip. been running quite a few ads on E-Bay and sales are currently at over $500.00. Still have a couple days on some items so $ should go higher. The basket case is down to the bare bones now. A guy contacted me today and wants the rear sub frame so I'll have to tear it down a bit further now.

The weather here is moderate, 60 -70 during the day so is pretty good riding weather. Lots of bikes on the road around here. hopefully we'll join them this weekend.

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.