Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BMW R60/2 US Fender on a /5

After some Internet research I determined that a 1968 R60/2 US Fender might fit an R75/5. I looked at a US Model on eBay and it struck me that the steel fender and additional bracing could be a benefit to the front end stability if in fact it would fit an R75/5 fork. I put out a post on the /5 United message board to see if anyone had done this conversion. I received a reply from a guy who had done this years ago and had no problem as long as you use the standard size tire. The BMW R60 US model uses an 18" front tire and the R75/5 uses a 19" tire.

Made some inquiries and found this original paint / stripe fender without the lower brace for $500.00 via the IBMWR site....a bit more than I was willing to pay.......

This fender was offered to me for $75.00 via the IBMWR site.....now that is more like it! It cleaned up really good and all I had to do was touch up that spot in the center.....didn't do a repaint as it is pretty good.....

The main brace was cracked nearly in half (red arrow) ...didn't want to weld on that part so had Huckys BMW Parts come up with both heavy NOS braces....they were rather expensive.....

Fender got lost in shipping and took over three weeks to arrive.....it looked pretty ugly and had a bunch of silver over -spray on it but some clean up effort brought it back to a nice shine...

I was concerned that clearance would be a problem. I had ordered NOS upper and lower fender braces from an importer over in Florida. I also purchased all stainless steel fasteners for the installation. The fender was kind of a bugger to install as there is no access to the inside of the fender once it is in place. I had the fender on and off a couple of times before I got it right.
The rear lower mounting bolts are the tightest point. I had to remove the flat washers to gain enough clearance for the tire to clear. I took a road test on the winding road leading out of the Marina to the main highway. The increased stability was immediately evident on the first tight turn. The additional heavier bracing combined with the steel fender really helps out.

The whole assembly probably adds a few pounds to the front end but the increased weight is over shadowed by the better driving characteristics. The paint has a few bad spots but the fender is in near perfect shape with no dents or scratches. I had some matching touch up paint so covered up the "marred" areas on top of the fender.

I have a couple other rare bargain priced items heading my way right now. A "Telfco" heel - toe shifter which is a very rare optional accessory. I have no idea if I'll like it but I'll give it a try. Also an orphan left side Luftmiester aluminum saddle fuel tank. The saddle tanks sell in pairs and bring around $350.00 to $400.00 per pair. I thought that there was a slim chance that someone might have a single left side tank and sure enough someone answered my add with an orphaned single tank for $75.00. Couldn't pass it up for that price. I listed my retired R75/5 top end engine parts for $300.00 on the IBMWR site. That must have been too cheap as I had three buyers in a few hours! They headed for Pennsylvania today. Might be in Yuma this weekend so I'll look at the parts I have laying around down there for eBay fodder. Later

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