Monday, October 11, 2010

Jupiter Sidecar Carpeting / Interior Panels

I ordered some automotive gray trunk type carpeting for the sidecar and it finally arrived last week. The weather was great yesterday so decided to proceed with the carpet installation in the hack. I carefully measured out the sections and was able to fit the entire front (exposed) area of the hack with only 3 pieces. Under the seat I simply ran a 3' x 18" piece on the floor area, back to the rear of the "trunk".
I used a 3M spray adhesive to glue the carpet in. This automotive carpet is real light and conformed well to the radius's in the hack.

When I had the sidecar interior done I had some storage pockets made into the flaps which hang down below the arm rests. These are mainly used for map storage although my wife often stores her currant book there too. The hood slider rods often fouled into the upholstered pockets when closing the hood. I purchased some light weight black fiber board material at a craft shop and built a panel which isolates the rods from getting hung up on anything. The panels give the interior a much better finished appearance. The panels will not wear a long time as they are a backed Styrofoam type material. At only $4.99 each that is not an issue. One $4.99 panel was enough for two interior panels.

When all was done I had enough carpet left over to completely redo the sidecar floor and enough fiber board to make two more interior panels. The carpet is quite light so I only expect it to last a couple of years.
The carpet should dry quickly when wet as it is such a light weight material. (J.C. Whitney $29.99 for a 54" X 10' piece)

I'm bidding on a /2 steel front fender on EBay. I would like to replace the fiberglass /6 fender now in use. I'm not sure how the fender would fit since I'm running a 19" front tire and the Earls front was originally set up for an 18" tire. If I can pick it up for under $90.00 I'll try to install it. I have a /2 US fender on the R75/5 which also was intended for a 18" tire....My 19" tire has sufficient clearance, although not much

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