Saturday, September 28, 2013

A few miles along the Rio Grande

By 11:00 this morning I had 82 hours invested in my work week....I decided that I had earned my pay for the week and decided to shut things down.
My darling Wife is in MT. visiting family so I am solo.
Peering out my "office" window (below) brings on the view of a portion of the Rio Grande south of Albuquerque.
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I needed some office supplies so headed northward towards Los Lunas. I immediately ran across a weekly "flea market" so had to stop and wander. Found a cool old Metric 13mm single end wrench of unknown origin for a $1.00.

Made numerous road side stops along the way.
The "Old Wing" was running just fine, but still has the occasional exhaust "huff".
Yesterday I happened upon a motorcycle salvage yard. They had a few old GL 1000 Hondas in the had a fairly pristene original exhaust system. The owner didn't want to part the bike (even though it has been wasting away in the elements for eons) but decided he'd let the exhaust system go for $400.00. A little too rich for me. I think they do sell for that and more but I can probably buy a complete derelict GL 1000 for a bit more. I'll have to think about the $400.00 tag....

Speaking of mufflers...... 
Had to turn around to photo this giant "muffler mobile" at an exhaust shop.

The final fate of an old Chrysler Omni I think, looking at the interior. Nice head rests....

Rio Grande was nearly dry a few weeks ago. Now it is running brown and full. Too lazy to walk out onto the bridge for a "water shot"...

Passed a "Pawn Shop" and had to go snoop in there too....nothing in there for me. A guy approached me in the parking lot and we talked about old bikes for a while. Lots of nice folks here in NM.
I headed south towards "Mountainaire" NM, then turned back north to a secondary road. It was a nice little ride today through a lot a farming / ranch country. Millions of little yellow butterfly's swarming on the road. I murdered a fairly large quantity and had to stop and clean the face shield a few times.
All in all a nice ride today, although nothing exciting. Ended up riding 125 miles or so. It was nice just to shove work aside for a few hours.

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redlegsrides said...

a nice bit of wandering....82 hour work week though....I left those, thankfully, in my past.


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Gila Mtns.