Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Chance Rendezvous 2012

We "rang in" the New Years at the annual "Last Chance Rendezvous" with the So. Cal. Airheads Beemers Club. This year was a 3 night / 4 day event and included wonderful sunny, warm weather, wind and rain. Typically the weather is dry here in this part of the Anza Borrego Desert but some Winter squawls were seen this year. Snow was visible early Monday morning in the mountains across from us. Highs were in the low 60's (for a few minutes) and lows were probably in the high 30's.




A lesson in Brewing technique was witnessed on Sunday. This "batch" was brewed up and will be aged for sampling next New Years.
An "alternate' method of tent camping.....this one had a rigid frame and wind was no match for its' construction! 

One of our Hosts was using additional means of support. The additional two legs didn't seem to hinder his cooking skills. The food, three meals a day, was wonderful as usual.

A couple of these alternate three wheeled machines were in attandance this year. The more I look them over, the more I like them. A great alternative for us who may need additional wheels as we age. I think the "Spider" would be a lot easier to ride than a sidecar rig. This particular rig was very pretty....as was it's pilot. (pictured)
A nice view from the cliffs above the campsite.

One group of folks got it down.....tables, chairs, heaters, music, you name it, they brought it. These participants came in with big bikes / trailers, and all the comforts of home. I envied the propane space heaters as darkness  and the cold came in.

We had a pretty healthy shower blow in on Sunday night. We brought our large tent for the additional space but it is a fair weather tent and not suited for much rain. (We found that out the hard way a couple winters ago at a sidecar rally). The rain / wind hit Sunday afternoon and continued for a few hours. Luckily the rain was intermittant and about the time I began witnessing tent leaks the rain subsided. This years rain storm was the biggest rain we've ever seen here. Typically the rain will miss the valley, but not this year.
 Quite a few folks pulled out on day three, We "rode" it out to the end as we always do. The Rally is always a lot of fun, regardless of the weather. Pretty light turn out this year. Probably 50 -60 folks throughout the weekend. We always enjoy seeing our friends and catching up on everyone's adventures. Quite a few "old" friends and a number of new faces too. We began attending this get together in 1996 and have only missed one New Years Eve here. Of course we seldom make it til midnite "Pacific Time". But "Eastern Time" midnight is close enough for us! One would think that after all these years of drinking practice, that we would be accomplished alchoholics....but for some reason our alchohol consumption shrinks each year. Becoming "light weights" in our old age I guess...lol
Our next gathering is just around the corner , to be held at "Bashfords Hot Springs" in a few weeks. I'm hoping to talk my lovely wife into riding over on our Honda Goldwing. She's not keen on riding on two wheels anymore but I hope to sweet talk her into it.

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