Monday, February 6, 2012

BMW Airheads Salton Sea Overnighter

I finally have the rear main leaking seal debacle cleared up as the "new" rear main seal was the culprit. I replaced the seal and also installed a stock flywheel and got rid of the lightened wheel which was on the will be a new timing chain as I'm fairly certain the chain is sloppy due to a erratic timing mark.....but first a road trip.....

The Airheads Club "Salton Sea over nighter" was held last weekend. we opted to head over on Friday to make it a two night affair. A number of other riders had the same idea so we had company.

One other BMW airhead motorcycle other than mine was present the first night. A real nice R65. Saturday a large contingent of riders came in to bring the total population to around 30 in the "Outback" area.

Three Goldwings / trailers came in accompanied by a three wheeled "whatever you call it". The Goldwing guys have the camping thing figured out with folding wooden table and anything else you can think of.
We took it very easy and went for a nice soak in one of the multiple hot pools at the site. One of our buddies cooked up a great dinner on Friday night and we carried on with BS sessions well into the night.
The Montana Air Flag made its' appearance as well as the So. Cal. Flag which showed up Saturday night.
The weather was perfect with high 70's and hardly a drop of wind.
B. Jan Hoffman, the Airheads Founder found his way there too.....
All in all it was a very laid back relaxing we're planning for the Death Valley Rendezvous coming up in a couple of weeks. That trip will be a week - ten day run for us. We'll head up into Nevada and then over to Furnace Creek....then of to who knows where for a few days. Our trip planning is open and will be dependent on where the best weather is.
The old "Rat'tle trap" performed well other than the new clutch cable breaking after only 100 miles. I've ordered a new timing chain which I will pick up this weekend and get it installed before Death Valley. I'm seeing a jumping timing mark and some "odd" noises coming from the engine when it's hot....pretty sure the timing chain is at its' last gasp of life. I'll change it before something catastrophic occurs....
Met a few new folks at the campout and ran into quite a few old pals too.
Really a great get together even though it was short.....

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redlegsrides said...

Looks like a very fun any idea why the clutch cable broke after such a short use interval?


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