Monday, November 29, 2010

Yuma AZ /. BMW / Housekeeping

Finally got settled here in Yuma. Got here for one night , then headed to Texas to complete a job. Back to Yuma before Thanksgiving. Just in time as Montana is getting clobbered with snow storms.

Pulled weeds for 1/2 a day around the lot. Then dove into a "housekeeping" mission. I have way more BMW Parts than I have room for so decided to clear things out. The 1974 R75/6 below was nearly stripped of small parts. I pulled the transmission & final drive to keep as spares.

Dug into my boxes / bins and piled up everything I didn't want to mess with. A lot of these parts are good EBay items but most are large and a hassle to box / ship. Had a spare engine, a couple of final drives, Old Bates Saddle Bags & mounts, fairing etc. etc. Put the whole works on Craigslist last night and had it all sold by 9:00AM this morning for $400.00. A good deal for both of us. The new owner will be here tomorrow AM to load up the works.

Removed the filter pods from the R100S as I decided to refit the stock intake assembly. Ordered a new pair of intake tubes but could not make them fit...too long. Had a couple pairs of old ones and one set was usable without a lot of hassle fitting up. The crankcase vent was vented externally so had to re plumb the vent into the right carb. Ended up using some tubing / 90's to plumb things together.

Back together:

The /6 choke cable actuator wasn't compatible with the R100CS carbs on the bike so I chose to make up some individual choke controls for each carb. Used bicycle spokes and other assorted parts to make it all work. No more binding , etc. now. Pulled the choke assemblies apart and replaced the choke shaft o-rings.

Drug out the /5 and have been running it here and there for transportation. Bike runs nice after synching the carbs with the Twin Max Synchronizer.

Got this all back together and have started it at cool temperatures the last couple days. Hopefully have the "cold start" problem fixed now.(?)

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