Sunday, May 9, 2010

BMW R100S/6 Break-in Time....Hydraulic Steering Damper....1000 mile solo seat

Ran the bike 50 or so miles this weekend just tooling around the area. Not ready to venture too far from home yet. So far the engine sounds real good and everything is working as it should. I'm seeing a little oil weepage at the right cylinder base. The R100S engine is very powerful and 75 mph is easy to attain. The oil temperature runs a little higher than the /5. Might end up installing a 4 quart oil pan as I did on the /5.

Swapped the seats from the /5 to the R100S/6. The dual 1000 mile solo seats went back onto the /5, along with the large luggage rack. Also installed some smaller bar-end mirrors as I wanted the larger pair on the sidecar rig.
Completed the brake component rebuilds last weekend. Rebuilt the master cylinder and both the brake calipers. The disc brake front is much better than the old /5's drum brake set up.

. The newly covered black seat looks like it belongs there.....

Removed the large luggage rack which aslo doubled as a grab point for dragging the hack in "Reverse" chance I had a /5 front fork brace which lined right up with the holes in my saddle bag mounting frame.....the loop at the back of the bike is the new "reverse" grab.

I received a Volkswagon hydraulic steering damping cylinder a week or so ago...was able to put together a mounting assembly with spare stuff I had laying around. The cylinder sits at an angle but works just fine. The Heim joint joint does not bottom out so I can't see any issues with this mounting. The lower mounting point rotates as the forks turn. Steering is much more effortless than the previous /5 set up. I run the friction damper snug and with the hydraulic damper cylinder I should never see a low speed wobble again......

Have not yet fine tuned in the sidecar to the bike...I'm feeling a little "yaw", especially with a passenger. Think it needs to be toed-in a bit more. I'll need to find a level chunk on pavement to finalize the set if i could just find the damned horn I so carefully put away.....

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