Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Hearth

This relic spoke to me.......Its' story ;

My origins came from fire, ice and inland seas. I lay entombed for millennia until the ravages of wind and water brought me forth to see blue skies.
Creatures, now long extinct, tread upon me. I lay dormant for eons until this animal of man carved me from my earthly bindings.
My fragments were hauled great distances by wagon and beasts to this windswept, desolate place. These men laid their skilled hands upon me and transformed me into this present state. They proudly carved their sign upon me.

I witnessed the building of a rough-hewn structure around me. Fire once again raged within me, warming souls which gathered to escape the endless winter. Many great tales were told in my presence;
Tales of men who witnessed “The Great Wars” and the sacrifices of fallen comrades who lay still in foreign lands.
And the grieving for loved ones lost never to be seen again.
Dreams were sown for the future, sorrow was expressed for the past.
Ecstasy, happiness, grief, anger and the wonders of new life I have been witness to.
Until again fire surrounded me and left me to this solitary existence.
Again destined to return to the earth.

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.