Sunday, February 14, 2010


Spent today disassembling this R75/6....a lot of stuff going into the dumpster....exhaust pipes, mufflers, seat, fairing & mount and a lot of stuff. Bike had a set of Maserati airhorns, relays and compressor...looked beyond hope so it went into the round file too. Was hoping that the original tool set would be under the seat but to no avail....just a bunch of rusty junk living there.....I drained the transmission and final drive oil to check for water and metal debris. The oil looked pretty good and no water was present. No metal on the magnetic drain plugs either. Looks like I'll take it down to the frame and peddle off a few of the smaller pieces......The transmission appears to be a keeper and we'll join my stash of spares. The valve covers are nearly little dink that can hardly be seen from the outside...a little deformity on the inside......they'll take a lot to clean up but will go on the R100S/6....Just got "walking papers" for Texas so looks like "life" will be on hold for a while......


Peter Schuyler said...

That is awesome, I do not think I have seen a bike that ugly, Haha. Any parts salvagable?

BMW HACKER said...

The previous post shows the complete bike....fenders, fuel tank, gauges, saddle bags & mounts, carbs, aluminum signals, tail light & housing, nice valve covers, all is not lost.....the "rolling chassis" is definately not

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.