Monday, March 9, 2009

Arizona Side Car Tour Day 4

Thursday morning in Bisbee AZ. I got rolling a little early and did a valve adjustment on the BMW. Only one valve was a little tight. I detected a little power loss the day before. The carbs are jetted for lower elevations so I wasn't sure if it was an elevation issue or not. Bike ran fine anyway. We left the motel around 9:00 am and headed towards Tombstone AZ. The ride around Bisbee gave us a good look at the mining in the past. Bisbee is a lot like Jerome as it is built on a hill side and has winding litle streets.
We ran the 30 miles or so over to Tombstone and did a quick once aroung town thing without stopping. They've blocked off a couple of blocks and covered the asphalt streets with dirt for the benefit of the tourists I imagine. Darian got a quick photo of the south end of a team of horses pulling a coach around. Loooked like they must pay people to wander around town in old west clothing too. A little too much of a tourist trap for me.

We ran quite a few miles and stopped for lunch at a little town called Sonoita. Had a nice rest and had a great lunch. Nice people in the cafe. We then headed for Patagonia AZ. I stopped for a little bottle of warm-me -up at the local market.

Just outside of Patagonia we stopped at thid little shrine I had visited a few weeks ago on my way through. Spent a few minutes here and then headed out for Nogalas AZ. Nogalas was a run through and we just kept on trucking as Ajo was the goal for today and it was quite a few miles to go. We had about three raindrops around Nogalas which was the extent of rain for the whole trip. We had to run on the freeway for a few miles before coming to Arivaca Junction. This is a tiny, narrow, windy little road which wanders along creek bottoms for 80 miles or so. It was a fantastic ride although a bit slow. Some areas posted at 15 miles per hour.
This was the cafe entrance at Arivaca Junction. Pretty cool.

In Arivaca I saw this sight. The home owner must sit in the old car seat and just throw his empty beer cans on the drive way. Then as he comes and goes he mashes them down. Who said a person needs a stinking can crusher! Looks like he has been real busy.

This is on the Arivaca cut off road. This is Baboquivari Peak, which is at about 7800 feet. Kitt Peak is just over the horizon beyond this mountain. Ahead at a junction we turned north and towards Tucson and Robles Junction. South would have taken us into Mexico.

Another long stretch of Indian Reservation, the Tohono O'odham Indian Reservation, before getting to Ajo. Lots of Segaro's in this country. Looks like the windmill had a little too much wind at some point. This section of road seems to go on forever, with little run down towns along the way.

We finally ran out of day light approaching Ajo. We hit Ajo in the dark and stopped at the first motel we came to. This place was a real dump, clean but an old place nontheless. The next morning we saw two better looking motels just up the street. Oh well, probably saved us a couple of bucks. Covered a lot of country and miles today. Lovin it!

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