Monday, March 9, 2009

Arizona Side Car Tour Day 3

Leaving Phoenix mid morning we ran east towards Globe/Miami AZ. Decidied to run my tank down as low as possible to see what my fuel capacity really is. We were running down Hiway 60 through Phoenix. I went on to reserve #1 and ran out after a few miles so decided we'd better fuel up. Ended up taking 7 gallons so I figure this tank holds around 7.5 gallons. I really thought it was an 8.5 gallon tank but obviously not! The skys were gray today but the temperatures were perfect for riding. 60's to 70's.
Approaching Globe/Miami we came upon numerous great rock formations and a bit of road construction. Only held us up for a few minutes. We stopped for a "quick" lunch at a fast food joint and ended up being there for over an hour. So much for "fast" food. Oh well, we weren't in any hurry anyway.

Leaving Miami we headed into Apache Indian Reservation Country over to Safford AZ. Many, many miles of beautiful, remote country. The reservation is huge and there are miles of open country with nothing but high desert. A very nice ride.

Our goal for the day was Bisbee AZ. and i took a short cut which saved us about 30 miles. The road was quite rough and had to keep the speed down to around 45 to 50 to keep the bike from shaking apart. This was a nice area also. Lots of grass growing but all was pretty dry. We hit a dump motel in Bisbee for the night. Not really a dump but it was a "Suite" as they call it. more like an apartment with no kitchen utinsels what so ever. Good thing we weren't into cooking tonight. No restaurants within 5 miles so we just pigged out on junk food tonight and plan on a big breakfast for tomorrow morning. Got stopped right as it got dark out. Another great day!

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.