Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Montana Day ride....Big Mountains and Big Rivers

Took the R75/5 for a little day ride on Monday...beautiful day. Upon leaving realized my signals weren't working....oh well I have arms to signal with. Took back roads from Columbus MT. over to Big Timber stretch requires getting on I-90 but only for 9 miles.

Stopped a Big Timber MT. to top off fuel....took a break.

Bike working fine other than no turn signals (?)

Rode over to McCleod MT. Not much there...a Post Office and Store....a little Bar & Grill up the road but they were closed.

Nice series of paved paths at the Natural Bridge area. The Natural Bridge collapsed a few years back.

East Boulder River

Beartooth Range in the background

Turned 50K along the way.

Stopped at a Fishing Access along the way. Yellowstone River running real high. Beartooth Mountains in the back ground.

Crazy Mountains

Beartooth Range

Short ride....155 miles. Took about 6 hours....nice leisurely ride!


redlegsrides said...

Rode a little bit of the Helena National Forest recently, very nice scenery and dirt road. I had good assumptions re Montana....the scenery, big sky country, less people and some room to stretch glad my assumptions have proven correct.

BMW HACKER said...

Greetings dom.....glad you have been able to do some "back country Montana roads." I think I've ridden nearly every paved road in the state....but not so many of the gravel roads. A Ural would be ideal for that type of touring. My set up is not quite so skid plates / rock protection. We've ridden a few un paved roads but I cringe at every "whack" when a rock hits the oil

redlegsrides said...

BMW Hacker...yeah that skid plate comes in handy on the rough stuff. The road I drove through Helena NF was quite nice though.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.