Monday, September 5, 2016

The motorcycle repair "Piddly Project List"

Luckily I've had most weekends off from work, but due to Family outings / commitments and short day rides I have not completed any little repair projects on my list.....likely they will all simmer until the Winter months.

The partial list for piddly stuff:
1)  - rebuild the Honda Gold Wing front brake calipers....easy job, just ordered the new rebuild kits.                      EDIT-- received brake caliper kits and rebuilt last weekend...yay
2)  - install the Gold Wing auxiliary fuel tanks.....need to perform some minor aluminum filling /paint removal          on both...then fabricate two small mounting brackets...plumb in the fuel lines.
3) -  replace the /5's header guards....bought 2 cheap on EBay for spares....found they are in much better             shape than the pair I have on now. Might need new clamps.
4) - address oil leak on sidecar rig....appears that the oil pan gasket is seeping...pretty bad when engine is            cold, heals up a bit after engine heats up. Has the "Brielle" static oil pan cooler spacer...maybe it is                warped?
5) - mount a volt meter on the Gold Wing...purchased a stock 1978 Honda GL volt meter. It will be                   mounted in the tank shelter where the stock fuel gauge sits. Volt meter is more crucial than the                       fuel gauge. Fuel gauge is finicky anyway....sometimes works....most times doesn't.
6) - developed a "chirping" noise down low on the engine of the Gold Wing...haven't properly diagnosed it            yet...I think one of  the idler roller bearings is getting tired.(?)

The list for "not so piddly" stuff:
1) - maybe change out rear swing arm on sidecar rig...current swing arm appears to be a bit tweaked.(?)
2) -  change out the sidecar transmission....had an evil noise during Death Valley trip last                       went away and has never reappeared. Some tiny metal flakes on magnet....chances are a bearing is                wearing out. Not sure if the spare transmissions I have are up for the task.
3) - might change out the /5 transmission too....2nd. to 3rd. gear has a bit of a "catch" when shifting.
       has been that way since I acquired the bike so is not a priority.  


redlegsrides said...

quite the'll not lack for things to do for quite a while

RichardM said...

I'm afraid to make a list...

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.