Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sub Zero Winter in November

The past week I've been closely following the weather forecast while working 13 - 14 hr. days. Initially the forecast showed a three day "cool down" with temperatures in the teens. The outlook degraded on a daily basis over the next week. When forecasts started showing temps. in the near "zero" mark it was time to go. We hurriedly prepared for departure last Friday evening and with all our earthly possessions were heading South on Sat. afternoon. Currently we are sitting South of Las Vegas NV with temps. in the 70's. Billings is now at minus 4* with minus 25* wind chill factors. Tonight the Billings forecast is for minus 10*.
Yuma AZ. is in the low 80*'s...we'll be there this afternoon. RV's and subzero weather do not go well together. I know from experience....We've been "chased" South by Weather numerous times in the past. Hated to leave work on such a short notice, but luckily I work for people who understand.

A Airhead gathering is scheduled for Mecca Beach, along the Salton Sea this weekend. Maybe we'll attend to see all our friends. The Airhead Community suffered a tterrible loss last week with the sudden death of one of the active So. Cal. members. Steven VanTwuyver passed away in his sleep a few nights ago. He was a good friend and we've spent many, many weekends camping with him over the years. I rode to Death Valley with him and another friend a couple years ago. It is hard to accept such a sudden loss of such a close friend....

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RichardM said...

I was wondering if you abandoned MT yet.

BTW, nice article in Airmail!

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.