Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eastern MT. Day Ride

Today the gloomy drizzly weather finally left us with blue skies. Although I had a "date" with my 97+ year old Dad for a Cribbage game I thought I'd get a little ride in. Headed down MT. 212 towards Hardin Mt. At one time this was the major road to Billings before the birth on the Interstate. I remember dozens of trips along this road as a kid. Winter travel was always treacherous, then add all the semi / truck traffic and it was an interesting road. One year, I think 1971, there was over 20 fatalities along a mere 25 miles into Big Horn County.
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Still pretty "drab" but the ground is trying to "green up". Not much moisture this Spring. Going to be a bad fire season if the rain doesn't come. I only had a couple hours for a ride but two hours gives me a 100+ mile plus range on the Gold Wing.

Drove quickly through Hardin. Stopped for a "photo op" at the home of my youth. ..0 yrs. - 4 yrs.
Pretty sad looking home these days. It seemed quite large as a child.
On the porch.
We had trees and a nice white picket fence. (yours truly on the right, circa 1958)
There was a group of old Army Barracks in the field in the back of this photo. Years later Dad bought the buildings / property. I pulled hundreds of nails as we saved all the lumber when the buildings were taken apart. He used the lumber to build garages and other projects.
 The bare field in the foreground used to be the Cities Swimming Pool. My older Brother knew the Life Guard and he would let us come in and swim after closing. I fell into the pool at about 4 years of age. Damn near drowned, but my oldest Brother pulled me out in the nick of time. I can remember having no fear as I sunk to the 9' deep bottom. The fear came after coming out of the water. I can still hear my own screams.
On top of the pool building there was a small tower. I remember looking at old folders full of outlines of WW2 era airplanes. I think it was a "Civil Defense" Observers Station during the war.

On the "Rims" above Billings. No leaves on the trees yet.

Downtown Billings

Made it to Dad's place a few minutes late. He managed to beat me at Cribbage the best out of three games. My turn to win next bout,(?)

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