Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not so Naked Goldwing?

After some research I came up with a set of soft saddle bags for the Goldwing. Definately not a "top of the line" set, but I've had a couple other Nelson-Rigg Products and they are functional and a decent value. This set is easily removed and mates up to a Nelson-Rigg trunk which we use on the sidecar. Typically these run $169.00 + Shipping. Found a set on EBay for $128.00 with free shipping so I'm happy with that buy. They have "stiffeners" to hold their shape and rain covers in case of foul weather.

I could also mount them from under the seat but they would take more effort to remove so I'll leave them mounted high for now. The tank rack allows my magnetic tank bag to stay put as the tank side shelter panels are fiber glass. Can't say I really love the rack on the tank but it is functional and will allow any of my tank bags to sit on top.

The bike had a pair of engine guards in a box so I went ahead and mounted them. They will give me a place to place my feet on if I want.
The fuel gauge and temperature gauge were intermittantly functioning so I cleaned all connections and got them to work ....for a while. After some research I found that the gauges run off of a 7 volt regulator which is often prone to failure. When it malfunctions, both gauges will quit working. Gauges showing a "pegged out" reading relates to a full 12 volts getting to the gauges, 12 volts reaching the gauges will eventually cook them......a "bottomed out" reading means an open circut. Mine were "bottoming out" so must have had an (sometimes) open circut.
I priced used 7 volt regulators on EBay for $25.00 + shipping...Honda wanted over $100.00 + for theirs. I found another unit being built by an electronic savvy Goldwing rider for $35.00. Installed the new one and the gauges immediately began working as they should.

I'll need to get a new rear tire installed before any serious riding in the Spring. I'd like to do a weekend ride in Montana this Spring....maybe over the Beartooth Mountains?...We'll see if I can talk my wife into riding two up. She doesn't have much interest in that scenario but I'll keep working on her.

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.