Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Airhead Fishing in NE.

Whenever my work takes me to an area for a few weeks I always run some Craigslist Ads in search of old motorcycles.
Fishing for BMW's is a favorite pastime for me.
I have a couple of bites here in NE.
I found a guy who has a bunch of old bikes, one a nice old Norton Commando, a couple of years worth of dust on it but very straight. But that is over the top for me. I want old crap that is cheap.
The Norton owners Brother in Law has an old R100 that I want to take a look at. Sounds like it is partially apart so that is good for me.
I also just had an inquiry from a guy with a 600 BMW.....no more info than that so I'll be checking out both those potential catches.
The 600 BMW seller gave me a call and it appears he has a "rat bike" that he built years ago based on a 1972 BMW R60/5 chassis. He had a rebuilt later model 600cc engine (dual plugged) and has a later model 5 speed behind it.
Basically he built 3 bikes into one. Not sure of the overall condition of it as it has sat for over 5 years in a garage about 35 miles from here. Unfortunately he left it with a tank of gas which is too bad.....Hopefully it will be a good score if I can get it cheap. I have made arrangements to take a look at it this Sunday morning.

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cladd said...

NE, huh? Guess that means you won't be coming through here on your way back to AZ. Noticed you've had a comment from the fellow who put us onto that TWI thing-a-ma-jig. I enjoy his blog and would like to meet him someday too. Shall we all gather in Denver?

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.