Monday, January 10, 2011

Niche Cycle Supply BMW R75/5 Cigar mufflers ...New Condo

Purchased a pair of BMW R75/5 Cigar Style mufflers from Niche Cycle Supply and mounted them last week. They are a near perfect replica of the stock Zeuna mufflers. They appear to be a slightly smaller outside diameter on the main body than the Zeuna's. The sound is a bit louder than the Zeuna mufflers.

Similar stainless steel mufflers are pushing over $500.00 a pair so I think these are a good alternative to the wallet busting Staintune mufflers. They are made by Emgo, which markets a lot of lower end motorcycle aftermarket items. For the price of $148.00 I think they are a pretty good value. We'll see how long before they start rusting. I don't frequent wet environments very often so I think they'll last quite a while for my use.

After attending our last camping rally we decided we wanted to buy a larger tent. The Therma Rest Neo-air sleeping pads I bought take up much more room than our old pads. We decided to go the "cheap" route so I ordered a Cheepo Chinese made 6- man tent. We set it up upon arrival today and it looks like it will work for what we need. Probably not very good for high wind conditions or pouring rain but hopefully it will suffice. We set it up during a pretty good wind and it stayed put just fine. I'll definitely replace the useless wire stakes with some real ones.

Tent is a pretty odd shape...kind of a star shape. The small extensions each have doorways so there are 3 entrances if you want to use them. Has 2 window/doors and 2 large rear windows, plus the main door. All openings are screened. Pretty light fabric and I have my doubts about heavy rain not entering. Center height is around 6' so it's high enough to stand in the main area.
My experience with these types of cheap tents hasn't been very good but if we can get a few seasons out of it I'll be happy. I was considering a 6 man Eureka! dome tent but the reviews I read were pretty poor. We'll use this one up while I investigate a higher quality tent for the future.

I removed the Zeuna stock BMW/6 mufflers and replaced them with the stock Zeuna /5 Cigar mufflers I removed from the /5. They are very quiet. They have some minor rust underneath, a few dings but still have a lot of miles left on them. I had to reverse the Bates Saddle Bag mounts as the /5 Zeuna mufflers are a little shorter than the /6 mufflers. I'll keep the /6 stock mufflers for backups.

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