Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BMW Repairs...Yamaha DT250 Enduro

Finally have acquired all the parts needed to repair the R100S engine. I pulled the engine top end apart and found a bent exhaust valve and beat up piston. A new piston runs about $400.00 with shipping from Germany. Decided not to go that route....ran a couple of Internet ads and received offers from $250.00 down to $75.00. The $75.00 offer was the exact match and arrived in good order. Purchased valve springs, keepers, gaskets and a few other spares from BMW Huckys Spare Parts. The cylinder head went in to a machine shop to have the new valve mated up and new parts installed. Hope to have it back to running order some time next week when time allows...

Watching Craigslist, as usual, and ran across a great deal on a 1978 Yamaha DT250E dual sport bike. Drove out to look at the bike and found it to be in very good condition. Only has 2400 miles and has never been abused. The original tool set appears to never have been removed from its' storage space. Only flaw is some paint loss on the rear fender / sidecover. The fuel tank has a real small ding in it which I never saw until I got it home.

I spent a few dollars washing the 30 + years of grime from it. Bike was owned by a rancher who never rode it or washed it apparently. The bike cleaned up well but still needs some detail cleaning. She runs like new....didn't really need a dirt bike but since it is also streetable I'll definitely get some use from it out here in the boondocks of Montana...

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