Friday, July 17, 2009

Dodge City Kansas By BMW / R100S Progress

From our location in Texas we have traveled east / west / south. Only thing left is north so away we will go tomorrow. I mounted the smaller /6 BMW Police Tank on the bike the other night, along with the newly recovered 1000 mile solo seat. Thought I'd "break" them in before they go on the R100S. There is the "Mid America Air Museum" in Liberal Kansas so we will stop and check that out tomorrow. Motels don't look like a decent option in Dodge City so have located a campground along a lake for tomorrow night. Only one motel (that I could find) in Dodge City had a vacancy and it was a Super 8 for $90.00. Passed on that and went with the camping scenario. Appears to be some good sidehack roads going north from here due to all the Texas Farm Roads.
Adjusted the valves on the sidehack bike last night and found that only the intake valves were off by a tiny bit. That is a good thing as normally the exhaust valves require more adjustment. A lot of exhaust valve adjustment shows valve recession so evidently I'm not having any issues there. I installed the stock R90/6 mufflers last night as I'm getting tired of the "noisy" pipes I had on the bike. The R90/6 mufflers are throaty sounding but much quieter than the after market ones I had installed.
I dis assembled the R100S engine last week and found things to be in fairly good condition. Some rust had penetrated the left side intake valve, resulting in a stuck piston. After soaking both cylinders with "Marvel Mystery" oil for 6 weeks the rust finally gave up it's hold on the piston and the engine turned over. The cylinder walls look good as do the pistons. Will need a cylinder hone done and a valve/seat regrind. Been putting together a parts list and should be well under $350.00 for piston rings and all the gaskets required. Found a reputable machine shop in Amarillo that will perform the required work for $120.00. Picked up a pair of individual air filter pods for the 40mm Bings. The stock airbox will stay in place and I'll route the crankcase breather tube outside the airbox.
Sold off a few excess parts last week via E-Bay. Sold the newly refurbished /6 Touring fuel tank, a refurbished LWB white dual Denfield seat, a 32:9 final drive which was in great condition, a pair of nice /5 headlamp ears, a pair of R90/6 cylinders/heads/pistons, and a nice pair of turn signal pods & lenses. All told these parts brought in over $600.00 so that will cover the R100S repairs.

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Larry Parmenter said...

Hey Doug
I seem to be having difficulty posting. Duh. Not unlike the folks who claimed the same problem with my own blog thing. In any event here goes, I enjoyed reading about your travels, will try to keep up with it but presently I'm up to my arse with lawn maintenance. You remember that don't you? The stuff that happens when you leave for a few weeks...

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.