Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jupiter Examples

This is an interesting example of what used to be a Jupiter side car. I wish I could talk the guy out of the "Jupiter" name plates on the hood. It's the only thing left on it that's supposed to be there so what the hell. Looks like half a Yamaha has been grafted to the side.
This looks like a Brit bike with a windshieldless Jupiter.
This is a real nice old Beemer with a Jupiter attached. I've made significant progress on the /5 this past two weekends. Finished assembling the engine on Sunday. Rejetted the R75 carbs with R90 parts, changed fuel lines, Added the newly required 4 quarts of oil to fill the new deep oil pan. 4 or 5 kicks and the engine came to life. Took her for a few mile ride and all seemed O.K. Feeling a bit of vibration at the footpegs at around 65 MPH and up. I'm not sure where that is coming from. The 32:9 final drive made quite a difference in the gearing. I'll hopefully have the side hack attached this weekend if it ever quits snowing around here. (Had three inches today at our office.) Bob Clement (Bobs' Motorwerks) is having a Spring Solstice party weekend after next in Roberts MT. We hope to have the bike shook down and make it over for the weekend camping gig. The 10 gallon Heinrich tank is in the paint shop right now and should be done in the next couple of days. Definately want to rack up some miles locally before taking off on a 800 mile weekend run. I think I messed up on my push rod tube seals as two of them appear too tight on the block. They are deforming outwards and may be a problem. These type of push rod tubes have an adjustable coolar to tighten the seals up. I checked the old /5 tubes ( which I know were never adjusted downwards) and they were the same as the R90 tubes so I assumed they were right. Apparently they were not. I had to use the old bushing type R75 rocker arms assemblies as I couldn't get a bad bearing swapped on the R90 neeedle bearing rocker arms. (Needed a press which wasn't available in Dillon.) Should be fine but they are a bit noisier than the upgraded rockers. I may end up pulling the heads back off anyway if the tube seals leak due to too much pressure. Adios for now.
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garyperkins said...

Hi, I live in Green River, WY and have a 1960 R69S with a Jupiter sidecar attached. The Jupiter originally had a tonneau cover. I would like to get a tonneau made but I don't know how the tonneau fit Did it cover the windshield? Got any photos of a Jupiter with a tonneau? thanks, Gary (dog1@sweetwater.net)

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.