Sunday, August 9, 2009

Colorado Road trip by BMW/Sidecar Day 5 cont.....

The back road into Los Alamos took us through a high security check point with a really young looking lad who just waved us by.

Atomic City TransportWe wandered into Los Alamos and immediately ended up in a dead end residential area. Finally found our way out of town as there were no campgrounds anywhere in the area, according to a couple different folks we talked to........on the road again.

Los Alamos sits atop a mesa and it was down. down, down after leaving there.

We rode for a couple more hours and were running out of campgrounds fact no towns anywhere......finally came to Ojo Caliente, which was a somewhat high end mineral spa. $30.00 for a tent or R.V. site. We didn't have many options and besides a nice soak in a hot springs was just what the Doc. ordered! The tent site sucked....crawling with huge black ants....swarming with hungry mosquito's and lots of aggressive bees......not exactly what my wife had in mind...............but after a nice hot swim it didn't really matter!

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.