Sunday, August 9, 2009

Colorado Road Trip by BMW/Sidecar Day 5

Pulled out of Cortez Co. and headed for Durango Co. Passing through Mancos Co. I was suprised to see a BMW shop along the road. Stopped for a few minutes to visit with the folks there. Bought an oil filter I needed and tried on some new boots, but none of them felt right.....Durango was a very busy sight with a lot of traffic. We made a quick fuel stop and headed south on highway 511.

Passed by Navajo Lake which was populated by a lot of houseboats.
Worked our way down to N.M Highway 64 to Chama then South on

This is near "Ghost Ranch" ...called the Echo Amphitheater. There was a camp ground there. I don't know what the "Ghost Ranch" was all about. The road following the sign was a rough gravel road so we passed .
This is the Abiquiu Reservoir.

We stopped in Cuba N.M. as I was planning on crossing the mountains on N.M. 126 to Los Alamos. One map showed that it was paved and another showed gravel. I stopped and talked to a few locals and was told that it was a nasty, rough gravel path for quite a few miles so decided to take a much further route south then back north. While in Cuba I noticed quite a few young folks wandering around. Some with guitars, some bare foot, some with backpacks. Finally I saw a tent along the road welcoming the "Rainbow Family". Their yearly gathering was 20 miles outside Cuba in the National Forest. I would have loved to go out and camp a night with the "family" but found out that it was a three mile hike from the parking area to the camping area.....we were not set up for back packing so that was that.

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.