Sunday, August 30, 2009

BMW R75/5 Valve Adjustment / Roswell Ride Prep.

Planning a ride over to Roswell NM next weekend. After years of riding the Airhead I know when a valve adjustment is due. Decided to perform a few maintenance items yesterday. I'd ordered some Spectro Motor Oil a few weeks ago from an Amarillo Dealer but they sent the semi-synthetic oil rather than what I ordered.....I learned the hard way not to use any synthetic oils in the older airheads. Had to re order the oil. I pulled the valve covers and found a couple of the valves a little out of adjustment. I've run around 3000 miles since the last adjustment so it was due. Pulled the front cover (always disconnect the battery ground when doing that!) and checked the point gap....was a little tight so adjusted the points. Since my oil didn't come in I changed the oil with some Castrol 20-50. Didn't change the filter this time. We'll probably run around 1000 miles next weekend. Charged the battery yesterday but the battery is not holding a charge.....I see a lot of crap in the cells...battery is only 1 1/2 years old.......I'll try to hunt down a replacement battery......probably won't have much luck around here.(?)

Received all the parts for reassembling the R100S engine....installed a top ring in a cylinder to check ring end gap and found that the gap was way out of spec....... .030 which is much to wide. The cylinder must be a .025 oversize.(?) sent the rings back and ordered an oversize set. After visiting with a fellow airhead I've decided to go ahead and change the rod bearings. That is an easy task when the engine has the top end removed...the rod bolts must also be replaced as they are a one-time-use item. So I'm waiting on the rod bearings for a while.

I received the repaired 1973 1/2 LWB subframe after a welding repair...weld looks good, hope it will work out. Also had a R75/5 friction damper rod lengthened as I will modify a /5 friction damper assembly for the "earles forks" rather than a hydraulic type damper. Straightened the slightly bent sidecar sub frame and fitted it to the R100S. It appears that it will work just fine......With the receipt of the rod bearings I think (?) I have everything to begin reassembly of the "new" tug.

Ran 21 EBay items for auction last week. Sold 19 small items for a total of $205.00. These were just small extra parts I had laying hinges, tank mounts, fuel t's, a set of rocker arms, etc.

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