Saturday, August 1, 2009

Colorado Road Trip By BMW/Sidecar Day 1

We were fortunate to come up with a few extra days off in late June so decided it was time for a longer road trip. Took off with no real destination other than Colorado. Had some routes somewhat chosen but we were open to changes as we went. I spent some time prepping the bike with new tires and a wheel bearing lube. Purchased a special lube tool which doesn't require bearing removal, which is quite a job on a /5. We headed out from Texas at a decent hour....30 miles out I realized I had forgotten my wireless device for my computer...back to Texas ...........oh well, we have ten days, a detour back home doesn't matter.

Came across a motorcycle accident just inside New Mexico. Appeared that someone pulled out in front of a Harley. Lots of cops and rescue people. Above is a little art gallery outside Trinidad Co. I thought it was a "watering hole" as they advertised cold beer and there was a Harley outside. Ended up meeting the owner of the gallery and he gave us a great tour of his place. He has bronze work, drawings, jewelry and paintings, all done by himself. Nice guy and we enjoyed our visit.

Heading towards Trinidad Co. we were heading into this............luckily it was a faster moving storm (faster than we were) and we only got a bit of rain.
Trinidad Co. was a quaint little town with a lot of old buildings. The skies looked pretty threatening so we went for a motel for the night. It rained some in the night so we were glad we motel'd it!
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