Saturday, January 18, 2014

Trailer First Impression

Couldn't get a passenger in the "chair" today.
Went ahead and loaded the typical plethora of camping gear we typically haul with us into the trailer.
A LOT of gear. Looking at the quantity of stuff, it is hard to imagine that all that crap usually goes onto the sidecar.
I ran about 10 miles around the area. The only way I could really tell I was pulling a trailer was by looking in the mirror and seeing it. If it drives as well with a passenger I'll be happy.
Of course highway speeds, corners, grades, etc. will be the real test. We're planning a camping trip in a couple of weeks. Maybe we can make an earlier run somewhere?

Also took delivery of a new Metzler K-Block Tire today from Chaparrel. They had the best prices around, just over a $100.00, + free shipping.
I've only run one other K-Block on the Tug,(currently have one on the sidecar) and it was a 50% used one and quite a few years old. I ate the remaining tread off it in about 1000 miles. Hopefully, with the trailer, this tire will live a little longer.(?)
I've been running the same tire on the chair, and it still looks at least 45% - 50%. The Avon 19" Sidecar tire on the front is also wearing long. I've gone through a couple tug tires with the other remaining tires hanging in there.

My "new" OEM BMW Shocks I purchased have been shipped so I should have them installed sometime next week. I've left the saddle bags off until I get the rear shocks installed.

Put a few miles on the R75/5 today, mainly around my area. Went to visit a "BMW" aquaintance but he wasn't home.
The /5 is fun to tool around on....but honestly I'd take the Goldwing any day for a ride of any distance. The /5 is a lot more of a "connected" machine, concerning the relationship between machine / rider. The Goldwing is a bit more distant in that aspect, if you understand what I mean.


Charlie6 said...

Sounds like a good start with the loaded trailer! Here's hoping the rest of the testing goes well!

Interesting K-block tire....

Bob Whatley said...

I'm an R75/5 rider but have had 2 or 3 older Gold Wings and would be fun to have another one. The ones without all the stuff on them are a little hard to come by, but good old rides for sure. And pretty cheap a lot of times too.

Always enjoy your Blog. You keep it up regularly.

Richard M said...

It sounds like your testing is going great. I would still try to aim for a tongue weight of at least 10% of the weight of the trailer or else it could become unstable. Maybe that's why the original owner had the spare on the tongue, to have enough weight forward of the wheels.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.