Friday, January 10, 2014

Road Tests

I've had the /5 out on a few "road tests". The bike seems to run just fine although the electric starter won't function, likely because of the worn out Odyssey battery I've installed.
I'm still working on trying to get accustomed to the low "Euro" handlebars. The "jury is still out" on those....

 After a couple short rides I changed the engine oil / filter. I decided to remove the oil pan and check the oil pickup attachment bolts. Over time the expansion / contraction of the alloy cases can cause these bolts to become loose. If that occurs oil pressure loss will occur which is a BAD thing. 
 The pan came off and no ugly deposits were found. The oil pickup sump bolts were somewhat about a 1/2 turn on each one....glad I took the time to check them.
 The sump bolts are under the metal "filter" screen.
 I ordered a new "Odyssey" battery and it showed up today. Installed it in the /5 and the electric starter now works fine.
Also picked up some black touch up paint and spent an hour or so on touching up small spots of paint damage on the frame. Nothing large but a lot of small scratches.

Decided to take a little 100+ mile ride the other day. Ran East over to the Mohawk Valley. Stopped at a junky Flea Market in Wellton AZ and found some nice Vintage German made wrenches a guy was selling. He had dozens of them...mostly "Dowidat" Tools, which were made for Mercedes Benz....very good wrenches. He had a couple of double ring spanners I had to have.
Wasn't quite ready to run the /5 any long distances yet due to the sketchy battery that was installed, so fired up the Honda....which I must admit is a comfortable bike to ride distances.

 Stopped along an old service road which ran over a wash. Very old concrete bridge. Might have been the old original highway?
The old Goldwing just purrs along at 75mph and still gets 40 mpg.

I've decided that the R100 needs to find a new home. Had it sold a while back but I backed out of the deal since I thought I might need the carbs for the /5. Ends up that I will not need them.
I listed the bike on Craigslist. A guy from up the road 80 miles contacted me. He and I had done some business 4 years ago...he bought a load of BMW parts I had.
He is getting out of the older BMW's in favor of the Mono Shock Models. He's offered a lot of his old parts as partial trade towards the R100. He's bringing over some fuel tanks, final drives, a couple of braced swing arms, a R60 engine / transmission, and maybe some fenders.
I can always use the spare parts and will maybe sell off some of the stuff I don't need.
I have a few items on EBay right I just don't need sitting around and some duplicate tools I already have.
I spent a little time on the R100 today...wanted to check the valve clearances, (which were pretty close) and wanted to perform a cylinder compression check. Ends up the right cylinder compression is low. Getting a leak into the right exhaust, so likely have a worn valve / seat or maybe crap on the valve seat from sitting. If the engine sat with the exhaust valve open, rust can accumulate on the seat causing leakage. So anyway, I will disclose that to the potential buyer....glad I checked it anyway.
I am especially interested in the BMW OEM Braced rear swing arms. I think the swing arm on my sidecar tug is a bit "Tweaked" as the wheel doesn't seem to sit perfectly vertical when stationary. It is not too far off but seems "off" a degree or two to me. Sometimes I'll look at it and think it is straight...other times it appears "off ". Maybe it's just me? lol
Not sure if a 1979 Braced Swing Arm will fit a 1974 Chassis...guess I'll find out.

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Charlie6 said...

I've learned, as usual the hard way, that one buys good tools for a reason....the cheap stuff doesn't last and sometimes damages fasteners to boot!

Sounds like the R100 is nearly ready...I am sure the guy who is offering parts for trade will like it.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.