Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Busy as a Beemer"

Been busy, busy, busy.
Received the "new" BMW Shocks for the sidecar so installed them today. Had to remove the mufflers to get to the bolts. These shocks only offer 3 positions for the springs, but have levers to adjust them. I always run on the highest position anyway.  The old "Marzocchi" shocks require a spanner tool to adjust the spring tension. After installation I remounted the saddle bags with the help of my Wife. I usually do it by myself but an extra set of hands really helped hold the bags in place while I fit the bolts.
Sitting on the bike, these shocks seem much stiffer. Haven't ridden the bike since installation.

The old Marzocchi shocks on the bike were tired and one started leaking some oil at some point. I just noticed the oil loss. These shocks are rebuildable but I have never rebuilt a shock and don't intend to start now. They will go onto EBay for someone else to rebuild. I got a lot of years use out of these. I see new ones from Italy are costing over $400.00 in most cases.

Pulled the wheels / hubs off the little trailer yesterday to repack the wheel bearings. The "castle nuts" holes through the axle are singular. The PO had tightened the castle nuts pretty tight to get to the next slot for the cotter pin. I prefer the bearings to be a bit more relaxed so after repacking the bearings I set them where I was comfortable with the bearing tension. Didn't want them too tight as that will cause more heat / wear quickly.
I've also been busy moving excess BMW parts via EBay. Sold a /7 fuel tank, some Dealer Repair Manuals, a Final Drive, a whole bunch of small misc. items.....things I just don't really have room for. I'll continue to go through the extra parts and sell some more. EBay selling isn't too big a hassle, but packaging and shipping is the  pain. The local Post Office is small and typically there will be 10 - 20 people waiting in line. I couldn't even get a "free" Flat Rate Box without waiting in line for 30 - 40 minutes. They used to have them out, but now you have to ask for one, which means waiting in line to even get a box. I call BS on that.
Shipping / packing costs are expensive. I "guesstimated" $39.00 to ship the large fuel tank. Had to buy a $6.00 roll of bubble wrap, a $10.00 Roll of foam rubber, two large boxes @ $2.00 each, plus packing tape (nearly used an entire roll)....then the shipping fee was $60.00 via UPS. Yikes, I missed that one by a mile. Took a nearly $40.00 "hit" over what I had estimated. Shipping a fuel tank takes a LOT of padding. I wrap the tank in bubble wrap, then wrapped it in soft cloth, then into a large garbage bag, then wrap the entire works in a new foam rubber mattress pad. The whole pile then goes into a large box, then another large box of the same size is fed over the other one. Then about a "mile" of tape goes round & round the box. I probably "over pack" such items but to ensure a safe delivery, care needs to be taken to avoid damage from the shipping / handling gorillas.
I went to the next town East of us the other day to mail stuff and get some boxes. It is a 39 mile round trip but is a good reason to get in a little it is over the Telegraph Pass so is a pretty drive.
I still have a large amount of parts to go through....more final drives, an R60 engine, 5 different transmissions. (Two in pieces and three complete). Just am not sure of their conditions as they came from derelict bikes. I've been "hoarding" a couple of transmissions for a number of years, a 4 speed and a 5 speed. I came into another "newer" (probably mid 70's) 5 speed the other day which I'll probably hang onto. Damn near have enough parts to assemble another bike. I have 3 frames (with titles)  sitting at a guys place 90 miles north of here. Need to go get them at some point.

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Richard M said...

A while back, I had installed some Progressive shocks on the back of my RT and while they improved the ride when compared to the stock Nivomat, they only lasted about three years before one of them started to leak oil. The original Nivomat shocks are now back on and I used the still good Progressive shock on the sidecar. The original spring over shock on the sidecar was so stiff that there was essentially no suspension. I had not heard of that brand before.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.