Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Mans Junk is another Mans....Junk

The R100 mono met its' fate today.
It will be relegated to the knife and sacrificed to help other old BMW's live again.
I found a low compression reading on one cylinder yesterday so that seriously affected the final value of the bike. The buyer brought over a collection of some old BMW parts. I see things I can use and some I can't but all have some value.
 The large fuel tanks are in pretty good shape. 5 final drives in various condition. Three real good, two real bad.

A pair of transmission cases and internals for one. Four swing arms, two rear sub frames, some dealer workshop manuals and other items.

An extra R60 motor and transmission too.

I wanted a different (and straight) rear swing arm for the sidecar bike so now I have a few different ones to choose from. Might keep one fuel tank for a spare for the sidecar. Funny...I looked over the final drives and recognized that one of them used to belong to me. What goes around comes around.

Ended up at a friends place to help install a rear MC tire. I immediately noticed that a rear bearing was loose in the wheel hub. After some research we found that it was a common issue with this particular bike. Rather than entire wheel replacement, there were some easy fixes explained, using epoxies so we proceeded to perform the repair. After completion I think it will work...we'll see. Anyway we got the tire mounted, the hub repair done and a couple of minor maintenance tasks done.


Frankie Flood said...


I've been following your blog for some time. I own two BMW Slash 5's and have ridden one of them daily for the last 12 years. Reading your blog for so long, I have been interested in building a motorcycle that I could connect a sidecar to. Two years ago, I found a /2 chassis with title and last year I purchased a sidecar. I am planning on putting a larger engine in the /2 frame and have been on the hunt for sometime. I always see that you find these amazing deals and I am so jealous. I know your ability to find these deals takes effort though. That said, I was curious if you sell any of the parts via ebay or craigslist? Or do you have any leads on a BMW donor engine/trans.? I really would like to find a complete engine and trans and something with a bit larger displacement.

Thanks so much for blogging about your travels. It makes me yearn for taking some longer trips with a /2 conversion with sidecar attached. Thanks so much for your time.


BMW HACKER said...

Greetings Frankie,
My job takes us all over the western US so I am "fishing" for old BMW's all the time. I pass up LOTS of them that are either over priced or for lack of room. I passed on a R100/7 for $500.00 in Texas. No place to put it.
I sell a lot of parts via EBay and some on Craigslist too. I'm kind of picky about what I sell as there is a lot of "junk" on EBay so I try to only sell decent items.
In my humble opinion, for a conversion project, an entire "donor" bike would be a good idea. Place ads "looking for" on Craigslist and you never know what might come along. I run ads constantly but replies are getting fewer and fewer. A lot of these old bikes are disappearing and ones' found seem to be getting more expensive every year.

Cayla Maggio said...

This is definitely a huge project. It's surely not an easy task. Some may even prefer to hire a professional to work on this or just buy a new one. But thinking of itnow that I've thought of it, where’s the fun in that? Fixing, repairing, and hunting down more materials is where the fun lies. Good luck and have fun!

Cayla @

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.