Thursday, January 17, 2013

Three steps forward...four steps back...

Experienced a "dead short" in the electrical system after installing the R100S starter. Ended up removing the starter and disassembled it down to the bare bones. This was good as I thoroughly cleaned evrything and inspected all componants. Then cleaned and lubed all bushings and moving surfaces. Finally figured out that the top engine cover had contacted the main hot lead to the starter due to a bad section of wire insulation covering the lug. The tear was very tiny but it must have arched enough to short out. Luckily it doesn't appeard to have damaged anything.
Spent a couple hours installing the "Breil" oil cooler today. While I was filling the crankcase with oil, the cooling tubes started dripping oil. Looks like the initial fabrication of this thing was a FAIL.
Nearly every tube end is faulty. Looks like the ends were "overground" during clean up after the initial welding. Not all are leaking...yet... but as soon as the oil got hot, it would be pouring out.
I wanted to remove it today but the day ran late and darkness was coming on. I'll remove it tomorrow. Found a guy over the mountain pass to the east who does TIG welding. Wellton, AZ. is actually closer than Yuma, so I'll run over there tomorrow. Gives me an excuse for a bike ride.

The fellow who sold me this, offered a refund if I would send it back, but we'll see what a welding repair would cost first.

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Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.