Saturday, January 12, 2013

Breil oil cooler / R100S maintenance

I recently found a supposedly "NOS" Breil oil cooler for the sidecar rig. This static cooler is basically an oil pan spacer which fits between the engine block and the oil pan. These were 1970's accessories and not very easy to find anymore. I bid on a few via EBay but the prices went over $200.00 and most were very used and would require major clean up. I'm currantly running a large MAC extended oil pan but this cooler type spacer should aid more in oil cooling.
This spacer utilizes three large diameter tubes running through the length of it which will be cooled by air flowing through the assembly while underway. Good concept and it should aid in cooling.
The oil pickup spacer extends down to set the oil pickup assembly lower in the pan. Luckily I hung on to my old stock R100S oil pan which will be needed to add the Breil Cooler.
(crappy internet file photo)
I found the pan via the IBMWR web site. I "over paid" and gave a premium price but the seller claimed it was "New Old Stock".  After receiving it I'm not sure about that claim, I think I see a small amount of sealant in one of the bolt holes. It has a few scars in the edge but could have been from handling over the years. But it is completely clean and appears to be in near as new condition. I acquired the new gaskets needed for the installation so will fit the spacer in the next couple of days.

I was going to try to fit a conventional radiator type BMW oil cooler but the plumbing from the oil filter housing, plus the fact that the oil filter tube must be changed, took me this direction. The oil filter cover plate is very close to the sidecar subframe so working space is minimal at best on my layout.

Appears my high dollar Odyssey Battery is nearing its' life end. The battery has always checked at 100% when attempting to charge but now has lost capacity (down to 60%) twice in the past couple of weeks. It's been in place for over 3 years so I guess it has degraded. I typically get only 2 years from any conventional MC batteries.
I've toyed with the thought of installing a car battery / case in the sidecar tub for a few years. This would definately aid in running accessories. Wiring would be pretty easy. I kind of hate to give up some of the side car "behind seat" storage for a battery though, plus this will add significant weight to the sidecar, which is already quite heavy when loaded for travel. I'll have to decide pretty soon as I don't want to chance loosing battery function while on a trip. It will hold charge for a number of days it appears, but slowly runs down after a few weeks. If I decide to install another Odyssey Battery I think I'll rig up some remote charging lugs so I don't have to remove the seat / sidecovers to access the battery as I do now.

While I have the bike disabled I think I'll pull the front cover and give the ignition points a "look over".  I want to reset timing, check the points and re-synch the carbs.
The R100S engine has had an anomoly the past year or so and will have a very intermittant "miss" every now and then. Like the ignition on one cylinder decides not to "hit" every so often. This happens rarely and only one "miss' at a time. This has been occuring since last year when we rode the 2000 miles to Death Valley and around So. Cal. Since I'll be going into things, I'll pull the fuel tank and check all electrical connections and maybe remove the petcocks to check the petcock filter screens too. Haven't done that for quite some time.


RichardM said...

I put in an Odyssey battery a couple of years ago and I was told by the battery guy to crank up the charge voltage or else I wouldn't get a very long life on my new battery. I replaced the voltage regulator and cranked it up to the recommended 14.4v. So far so good but it's only been two years.

I just finished putting a Cozy Rocket on my '83 R100RT but have only had it on the road once. I'm waiting for a new rear tire to better deal with our snowy roads. I've been enjoying your posts.

BMW HACKER said...

Thanks for tagging along. I have a stock regulator on my R100S. Need to check the output too. I bought an "enduro" type tread tire in LA last winter as it was all I could find while traveling. The tire is actually wearing quite well. I had mounted a "K-Block" on the rear and the roads "gobbled it up" quickly. Tire dealers must love sidecar riders...I support them every 2 - 3 thousand miles.

Gila Mtns.

Gila Mtns.