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BMW Heyco Tools / Vintage Tools

"Full Time" RV living does have some disadvantages....or maybe they could be looked upon as advantages. That is that a person cannot collect any quantity of superflous junk. I've made headway in getting rid of excess "stuff" over the past couple of years. By chance not everything is "junk' so to speak and has value to others.
I've been selling off most all my spare BMW  motorcycle parts as that situation was getting out of hand. I decided that rather than keep a multitude of "stuff", "just in case", I'll just buy things as needed. Now I have hung onto a couple of bigger ticket items, such as a couple spare transmissions and one final drive for the sidecar rig. I've run into a couple of circumstances where I needed something that I had sold but those instances are minor.
During a visit to a local "Flea Market" I spied these old "Williams" wrenches, tagged for $6.00. I knew they were something special just looking at them as they were in near new condition and of older manufacture. I wittled the seller down to $5.50 before taking them off his shelf. Upon arrival at home I did a little research and came to find out that these were likely a set of WW2 U.S. Govt. Issue Tools for a Willys Jeep. The vintage was correct and the tool specifications were "spot on".
I listed them on EBay and they sold for $80.00. They should actually have brought a higher price due to their rarity but I was happy.
(Below) I found this old set of "New Britain Tool Co. Handle Lock Sockets" 15 years ago or so at an antique store. They were in perfect condition and I think I gave $8.00 for them. Unfortunately I stored them on my little MC trailer in an old ammo box and eventually water (and therefore rust) got to them. They have a Patent Date of Dec. 12, 1922 stamped on them. I "de-reusted" them and spent a little time cleaning them up. Too bad the rust got to them. I listed them on EBay recently.
The paint / decals were in pristene condition before I got my "paws" on them.

Now every time I check out a Flea Market or garage sale I'm on the lookout for old vintage tools that may have some resale value.

The wrench below is also of WW2 vintage, purchased for $.50 cents at a garage sale. Bid is now at $10.00 on EBay.

 I had a spare complete set of  early 80's vintage BMW Motorcycle tools which I really didn't need. The set was missing one small "pin spanner" (which I liberated as my set was missing one) and had a couple other extra tools included. It went for over $170.00 via EBay.
"BMW" Heyco wrenches will usually bring a minimum of $8.00 - $10.00 each on EBay. The "DIN" tools were available from many different West German Tool makers. "Heyco" and "Hazet"  were two of the more popular brands used by BMW and other vehicle manufacturers.
I'm always on the lookout for "DIN" tools when at garage sales.
I bought a box full of "DIN" wrenches in a pawn shop last summer.  Paid about $10.00 for 15 of them. Sold for around $8.00 - $10.00 each on resale.

Below is a "DIN 895" wrench with no other marking. The "DIN" configuration is identical to "Heyco" tools which are used in BMW tool sets. This wrench will always bring $6.00 - $8.00 each on EBay.

I had a quantity of stainless steel clamps on hand. These are an odd size needed for mounting the old school "Luftmeister" header guards. I looked for a long time to find them and bought a lot of spares. They sell for around $4.00 each.

I've been listing all kinds of "small' items on EBay this Winter. Nothing of any large monetary value but over time all the small sales add up.
The tool purchases / resale are kind of a fun "hobby" for me. finding them is a challenge, then selling them and usually bringing a 300% - 400% + profit return is fun too!

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