Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"New" BMW Lester Aluminum Wheels

Before and After...I used the Heinrich tank last weekend for my statewide road trip. The Cop tank now on the R100.

Received the "new" Lester Wheels I ordered late yesterday so the late afternoon / evening was spent swapping tires and wheels around. I had a new sidecar tire so decided it was time to renew that also. The old one might have made another 500 miles but no sense in risking it. The rear tire I mounted was a used 120/90 that I had from my spare Lester Wheel. I still have a near new 18" for the tug when needed.
Tire changing is not one of my favorite tasks but all went well with no pinched tubes, at least I don't have any flat tires this morning.

Pretty easy installation. Removed the discs, etc. from my old wire rims and everything bolted right over.
Used a wheel bearing greasing tool to regrease all the bearings. The wheels were in very nice condition with minimal scrapes and scratches from tire changes. Seller said they came from a 10k mile bike and had been in storage.
I also changed out the R100S engine oil pan for a MAC 2 quart pan. This brings total oil capacity to just under 4 quarts. Good thing I pulled the oil pickup sump as the mounting bolts were nearly loose...likely would have fell out in a short period of time. I used some "Blue Locktite" on all the bolts this time.

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