Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BMW "Lester" Wheels / Upgraded oil pan

I've come to the conclusion that Alloy wheels need to be a priority for the Mongrel...my current front spoked rim had a couple of bent spokes, which I straightened and then tightened all the spokes. I realized during the last trip that the wheel is not completely true.

Pulling corners at speed puts a huge lateral force on the wheels.

I recently purchased this rear "Lester" wheel via EBay a while back...it arrived with a nice tire mounted but the wheel spacers/collars were missing. The bearings look real good but the spacers need to be set up properly to account for bearing preload, etc. Proper set up is crucial for these wheels and set up improperly the bearings can fail, from either excess preload or insufficient preload...I do not feel confident to tackle this myself so this wheel assembly will be set aside for now...

I saw this pair on EBay but didn't really want white wheels on the bike...plus they were priced pretty high...

So I finally settled on this pair...also on EBay...bought them today so I'll get them in a week or so and get them mounted. I called the bike shop selling them and was assured that they are complete. true, and damage free....

During the last road trip I experience slightly high oil temps in a couple of situations. I can't mount a conventional oil cooler as the sidecar lower subframe interferes with any cooler plumbing at the oil filter location....looked for a "Brielle" (?) oil cooler which is a pan extension with cooling tubes running through it. Had no luck finding that particular part. Ended up going with an aftermarket MAC pan which is what I mounted on the /5 engine. This will raise the oil capacity to 4 quarts and allow more cooling surface area / volume. This technique worked to cool down the /5 so hopefully this method will suffice for the R100S engine.

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