Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beartooth Beemers Rally

Had to attend a meeting at Fort Harrison on Friday morning so decided to ride the solo R75 over to Helena. From there I headed to Red Lodge MT. and this years Beartooth Beemers Rally. My wife and I attended this rally the first two years but haven't made it back. I think this was the 12th or 13th year. I ran the Interstate over to Columbus MT. and then took a short cut over to Joliet Mt. Had a couple of miles of one lane dirt road from construction. It was dry and dusty....that road section would have been a nightmare in the rain.
I arrived at 6:00 PM just in time for Dinner. My yellow tent in the background.

"Dr. Bob" trailered his nice old 1971 R75/5. His father bought the bike new and Bob rode pillion when he was young.

Bob from "Bobs' Motorwerks" in Red....talking with Rex, "The BMW Dog"...Bob and his wife Anne are the Rally organizers,

A friend in Billings just picked this side hack rig up over in Ca. It is an "EML" and is a total EML setup including the main frame...based on an R80 so might be a tad underpowered.(?) Sure is pretty....

Camp site was at the Lions Club Camp....great kitchen , showers, location, etc. The food was plentiful and very good! As was the beer.

I awoke Sat. AM and had a good breakfast. Packed up some essentials and headed over the Beartooth Pass to Cooke City Mt....our old stomping grounds...

The Mt. Airhead Flag was hung...I brought the flag home with me as we plan on attending the Airhead "Tech Day" in Paradise Mt. this weekend.

Glacier Lake, barely seen from the Beartooth Summit....we used to winter camp up at the lake.

The "Bears Tooth"

Pilot and Index Peaks. Cooke City sits on the opposite side of these two peaks.

This home was built by our family in the late 70's and was our summer / winter hideout for 25 years. Now in the possession of a new owner...

Downtown Cooke City

Old hotel on main street.

Rode over to Silver Gate Mt. (entrance to Yellowstone park) then back tracked towards Red Lodge. Decided to take the Sunlight Basin road for a change of scenery.
A few Sunlight Basin photos...

Switchbacks up "Dead Indian Hill"

Vista Point near the summit.

Once I made it down the mountain I was greeted by much higher temperatures...felt like 100 but I was told it was only 92...This fire was near Columbus MT. and ended up burning 10000 acres.

Australia...a few miles from home...
Saturday evening was beautiful...another great meal and I was awarded for "The Oldest Bike Ridden to the Rally". I hit the hay by 9:00 pm and was up early on Sunday AM....had to get to Billings to see family, and then back to the Great Falls area...

I liked this old R65....it had a lot of character!

I dodged some huge thunderstorms heading home...only got a few drops on me while my wife, who was a few minutes behind me in her car, got nailed by some big down pours...guess I was living right!
I received my "new" pair of Lester Wheels so worked this evening installing them. Had to swap out tires, then also installed the over sized "MAC" oil pan. I'll put up some photos later....

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