Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bashford's Hot Springs Weekend

We managed to pull off one last weekend ride before returning to the reality of working again. I contacted the "Airmail" editor and let him know we were going over to Bashfords Hotsprings. Located along the Salton Sea in California. A friend, "Scotty" from AZ. (formerly of CA.) gave us a call and wanted to ride over with us. My neighbor "Dan", who rides my old Honda, came along also.
We headed out on Friday afternoon and had a leisurely ride over to the hot springs. We took the Interstate into CA. then peeled off on secondary roads which took us through the Glamis Sand Dunes area.

We stopped at Glamis for a quick refreshment and a break. They charge $2.00 to take a piss at this place. Scotty told them to stick it when they told him that. We saw a lot of pretty wild looking sand rails running around the dunes.

We hit our camp site fairly early and set up. They have a nice little area set up for tenting. They have 6 concrete hot tubs, a spa and a swimming pool at this place.
I cooked up dinner for everyone the first night. Another buddy, "Reid" showed up at about sunset and joined us for the night. Theyprovide a couple different fire rings and a lot of scrap lumber to burn so we had a nice fire each night.

We ran over to Borrego Springs on Sat. morning and met up with a dozen or so other folks for lunch. Had a great visit and ride over. The ride over was about 80 -90 miles. Beautiful desert country going over. One stretch of road was very rough and tried to rattle our bike apart. My charging light started acting up after that section of road.

Some fellow with a lot of money has positioned dozens of these steel sculptures around the desert outside of Borrego Springs. This is just one of the pieces. There are African animals, dinosaurs and numerous other pieces. This one had a road to it, most are just scattered around the desert. Scotty doesn't appear to concerned that the bird might drop one on him.

Alex showed up Sat. afternoon and stated for the night. Taking over for Reid, who took off for San Diego. Sunday AM we headed over to Bombay Beach to the American Legion for breakfast.

We stopped at the Glamis Dunes again, just in time to watch this gal dump her ATV over on it's side. No harm done, they flipped it back over and away they went again. A pretty fast weekend, but a great way to end our winter here, off to Texas soon. We'll run to Billings, back to Yuma, then off to Texas again for a few months.

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